Scientix week 2018

A Visit to Jožef Stefan Institut

On Wednesday 18th April 2018 we visited The Jožef Stefan Institute (IJS), the largest research institut in Slovenia

We visited a part of chemistry departmement. First we took a look at making test tubes and other technical accessories for chemistry experiments. It seemed hard but acctually it was not – they heated up the end of a hollow glas stick and then they just blew air inside it and it was done.

We made some experiments using liquid nitrogen. Its temperature was 200° C below zero! We made fog, we stopped the fire and we saw how a plastic bottle filled with liqud nitrogen flew high in the air.

In a classroom we made some icecream with pudding mix, milk and nitrogen. It was very very tasty!

At the end everybody got a baloon filled with helium. Our voices were very high and funny.

That was a very interesting afternoon.  We would like to thanks our teacher Mojca Žepič who took us to the institute and dr. Tomaž Ogulin who prepared experiments.

Written: Katja and Tina, students
Fotos: Alenka Jurančič, teacher